Revamp Staffing

There is a high risk to public safety when Sheriff’s facilities are understaffed. As Sheriff I will:

  • Revamp the staffing distribution of the Department to limit mistakes and fatigue-based problems that have an impact on the safety of the citizens of Marion County.
  • A staffing review and study will be completed, and a program of annual review put into action so efficiencies in staffing can be realized.
  • Introduce a Civil Service type of testing and promotion process within the Department. Technical ranks will be eliminated or reduced, and those that are in positions of authority will earn them through a good work history, good evaluations, and a proper procedure that is documented and fair across the system.

Improve Jail Facilities

The Marion County Jail Facilities need better management. Inmates in the custody of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office will be managed as a more structured environment:

  • Reduce losses due to inmate destruction and allowing the staff to supervise inmates in a pro-active instead of reactive way.
  • Work with the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority to maintain facilities under his authority to achieve the lowest economic and environmental foot print possible.

Transform Organizations

The current Department span of control structure is an outdated and ungainly bureaucratic structure. As your Marion County Sheriff, Jim Grimes will:

  • Reduce the span of control and also eliminate waste in the chain of command currently employed.
  • Transform the organization into a “Learning” organization, developing all employees and making them accountable for their actions.

Assist Crime Fighting

More could be done to assist the other crime fighting agencies of Marion County. Sheriff Grimes will:

  • Work with his crime fighting partner agencies by assisting with community policing of parks and other locations to allow other agencies to focus on their core responsibilities.
  • Increase the strength of the Transportation Section so the out-of-service times for other agencies will be held to a minimum.


Under Sheriff Grimes the Marion County Sheriff’s Office will use proven cost-cutting measures and performance measures in the management of its daily activities. This will result in the more cost effective use of the Sheriff’s Budget, the people’s money.

Support Community

Sheriff Grimes will work with the various parts of the community to ensure community involvement in the Department where community action can help bolster limited resources. The various professional and cultural communities within Indianapolis have many resources that can assist the Sheriff’s Department in their various programs. The Department will partner with these communities to provide better support for the operations of the Department.

Safety Training

Sheriff Grimes will work with employees of the Department to make the working environment safer for not only the employees but those people that the employees interact with. All employees will be sent to introductory training as well as other training opportunities as they present themselves. This will be done effectively and efficiently with minimal cost to the taxpayers of Marion County.