Starting from humble beginnings on the Southside of Indianapolis, James “Jim” Grimes, graduated from Perry Meridian High School. Jim then went on to earn a Bachelors of Arts degree from Columbia University where he majored in Business Management. Jim used his educational background to champion for small business by acting as CEO for several companies including Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Arrowhead Loans, Jim Grimes Realty, and Enforcement Security Company. While managing these companies, Jim focused heavily on balancing budgets, expanding business operations and the wellbeing of his employees.

In 2010, Jim utilized his experiences gained while heading the Enforcement Security company and furthered his commitment to public service by enrolling in the Marion County Sheriff’s Academy, where he excelled earning the distinction of being first in his class academically.

Public Service

Jim has continued to serve the people of Indiana through his extensive volunteer work and community service. Jim has been a member of such community based organizations such as the Free Masons, the Scottish rite, and the Lions Club. Jim also volunteered his time to coach children’s sports. Jim strives to make a difference in his community by volunteering still to this day.


Currently, Jim resides in Indianapolis with his loving wife Dottie of 20 years and their five year old granddaughter Jamie.